Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Treasure of Serena Madre" Season 3, Episode 11

This week on Gossip Girl, Thanksgiving was celebrated, and Blair summed it up best when she told her mother, "Thanksgiving always has secrets." Indeed it does, Blair, and I'm thankful for that, because it makes for fun drama. This holiday, nearly every major character was involved in some type of drama and confrontation stemming from a secret. And most of those secrets poured out in a gloriously frantic scene at Lily and Rufus' very large Thanksgiving dinner table.

Secrets Among Friends

Surprisingly, ex-friends Jenny and Eric seemed to be getting along at the outset of the holiday, and Jenny even tried to do something nice for Eric by inviting Jonathan over for dinner (Eric just informed her of his breakup). But then Jonathan clued her in to the fact that Eric was the one who orchestrated her sabotage at the cotillion. A shocked Jenny confronted Eric about this, and Eric chose not to back down. He's a man with vengeance on his mind, and he told Jenny to watch her back.

Meanwhile, Dan was also keeping a secret from his BFF Vanessa - only, Dan didn't quite realize he was doing this. Apparently, Dan is in love with Vanessa. It's written all over his face, according to Gabriella and Olivia. And Vanessa noticed that something was different about his face as well, but she didn't figure out what it was. Vanessa was fighting with her mother yet again, so she ran to Dan and leaned on him. It took some work, but Dan managed to get the two of them to make peace after he pointed out to Gabriella that Vanessa simply wanted to get some of the attention Gabriella showered on her many causes. In return for his help, Gabriella offered Dan the cautionary advice to pursue her daughter only if he was sure about his feelings, because "If you break her heart again, your friendship won't survive." Unsure about his feelings, Dan suggested that Gabriella accept an invite to meet Paul's parents (Paul being that theater guy who's the new man in Vanessa's life).

Secrets Among Family

Eleanor made her welcomed first appearance of the season (sadly, Cyrus stayed behind in Paris), and Blair did not like the fact that Eleanor appeared to be making changes to her will. Blair was sure there was some big secret Eleanor was hiding, and as she put more clues together (no champagne, a home-pregnancy test, etc.), Blair was convinced that her mother was going to announce she was pregnant (a "miraculous" event, since Blair oh-so-delicately pointed out that her mom was past child-bearing age). It turned out that Blair's guess was wrong: Eleanor was changing her will because of a new property she acquired in Paris - the place she's permanently moving to. (We so rarely see Eleanor, and now we'll see her even less?!)

So who was the pregnancy test for? Dorota, who's now in a family way. Dorota was very busy this Thanksgiving, decked out in her finest autumn-themed apron that she wore as she served Thanksgiving dinner for Lily (making time and a half wages). She was keeping busy with work and avoiding telling her doorman beau the pregnancy news, anticipating family strive because they're not married and because of their differing Soviet and Polish backgrounds. We didn't get to hear their conversation when she eventually told him the news, but we did get to watch it from a distance, and the dad-to-be seemed very pleased indeed.

Not-so-pleased: Rufus and Cece, who learned that Lily was keeping secrets. Rufus and Eric discovered that Cece is thankfully in very good health - her cancer has been in remission since August. However, this meant that Lily had been using Cece as an excuse (Cece didn't appreciate that) and lying to Rufus when she pretended her mother was still ill as late as October. Rufus confronted Lily, and she lied to him again, saying that she simply stayed away longer to bond with Cece, even though she knew leaving him alone with the kids was unfair. Rufus bought this, but Cece knew it was a lie. She played along, warning Lily against keeping more secrets from Rufus, but Lily insisted it was better that this latest secret remain hidden.

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