Recap: "Things to Do in New York When You Think You're Dead"

It's butterflies and angels as Sam Tyler and the 125 Precinct investigate the death of a 9-year-old girl while quelling racial unrest 1973 style. How will Sam's present and past intersect and will he be any closer to going home?

Sam Tyler's latest case is to solve the murder of 9-year-old Keisha Davis. She was an African-American girl who was allegedly pushed from a residential building by a Puerto Rican named Angel Ramirez. Tyler, Skelton and Carling chase Angel down to a local church where a priest is giving him safe haven. Reluctantly, the priest gives Angel up asking them to be fair to him. The most interesting comment comes from, Carling who refers to the priest as a penguinee.

As they take Angel away in handcuffs an African-American man tosses a homemade bomb towards them. Carling and Tyler, trying to protect Angel, get injured. Angel, seeing this as his only way to escape, takes it, leaving the cops.

There are now citywide protests and temperatures flair with possible race wars as Angel continues to be free. As Tyler walks through his office he ponders his miraculous survival. A mysterious angel-like passerby says maybe he's already dead. This is certainly an interesting hypothesis to consider.

At first mistaken for a thug, Fletcher Bellow, a Bronx detective, enters with two handcuffed men. Tyler immediately recognizes Bellow as his 2008 boss and mentor. Tyler assumes a close relationship but Bellow's 1973 self has no idea who Tyler is. He's brought with him two BLA leaders - that's the black liberation army - a TV substitute presumably for the Black Panthers. Through some quick intimidation tactics they admit to setting the bomb as revenge for Keisha's death. Another blast from the past comes in the form of legs that just won't quit - Denise Watkins. Before Tyler can intimate a friendly relationship, she berates both Tyler and Bellow. She's the lawyer defending the BLA members. As the rest of the precinct goes off to calm local citizen temper, Tyler convinces Bellow to hunt down Angel before anyone else gets to him.

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