Recap: "Tuesday's Dead"

When Sam gets a cryptic phone call from the present that he will die by 2:00 pm and hostages, taken at a local hospital, will start dying by 2:00 pm if demands aren't met, Sam and the 125 Precinct must save the hostages and solve the mystery before time runs out. Who will die and what more will we understand about this time travel mystery?

It looks like the 125 Precinct had a light crime night when they decide to party with the local hookers. You know, that stuff happens all the time, right? At first all-business Sam resists along with on duty Annie Norris but soon enough they give into temptation and party like it's 1973. Sam throws in some '80s Michael Jackson to be cool.

The next morning, Sam awakes pasty-mouthed at his precinct desk while everyone is sprawled out dead asleep. The phone rings and despite the line being cut Sam answers it. It's his mother trying to talk to him but she can't hear him. She's talking about pulling the plug and coming into the world on a Tuesday and now dying on a Tuesday if only he'd give her a sign by 2:00 pm or else they'll pull the plug. This follows along with the previous episode that led us to believe Sam was either dead or perhaps in a coma; that this trip to 1973 is all a dream. More evidence suggests this might be true.

Lieutenant Gene Hunt jaunts through the doors wearing what looks to be his best leisure suit white patent leathers and all. He announces that there's a hostage situation at the Memorial Hospital and the first hostage will die at 2:00 p.m. if they don't do something. I think we've got our latest crime to solve - this time it's in progress.

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