The Mentalist Review: "Redline" Season 2, Episodew 13

It looks like the honeymoon phase is over for Rigsby and Van Pelt.

In "Redline," we got to see the first fight ever between these two lovebirds. I really like them as a couple, but last night, Rigsby was a complete butt-hole to Van Pelt.

First, he tells her that he has seniority and if anyone is to leave the team, it would be her - then, he goes in to say marriage is out of the question. Way to kick a girl when she is down!

And as we all predicted - by the end of the episode, Lisbon showed her softer side by telling them she does not know anything about their relationship, so there is nothing for her to report.

My favorite part of the episode was having Jane show Walter his abilities. How cool was the scene with Jane driving blindfold only to know what he was doing by Walter's reactions? Jane is a man of many talents. Who knew one of his talents had to do with crashing the car? We just figured it was an accident.

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