Someone is Gonna Die on The Ghost Whisperer

On March 5, The Ghost Whisperer airs its 100th episode. This is a milestone for any series and will be highlighted by the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt directs the installment.

But it will be pertinent for a storytelling reason, as well: a major character will die.

Producer P.K. Simonds shared this spoiler with in an interview this week. He said:

There's a character, an important one, who is gonna die. Fans might want to start wondering who that is. I'm not sure they'll be able to guess. And that takes us ahead to the home stretch.

There's gonna be a reckoning between Melinda, her son Aiden, Eli and Ned and the book that they've been reading and their battle against the shadows. There's a very big climax we're headed to at the end of the season and everything is at stake. It's all gonna come down to the lives of all our key characters being on the line - especially Melinda and Aiden.

It doesn't get much more intriguing than that, does it? Who do you think is gonna be killed off?

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