Warehouse 13: ''For the Team'' Review Season 2, Episode 7

Warehouse 13 is really on a hot streak now. This latest episode is a new link in a chain of stories that have marked a dramatic improvement in the series and it feels like everyone involved in the production is starting to hit their stride. There's still some room for tweaks, but I've got to admit it's getting better all the time.

This week's story starts off with an intro that is mostly lighthearted, but Pete is still on the bench while he works out some issues that came up in the previous story. With Pete grounded, Claudia gets the nod as Myka's back-up on a mission to investigate some suspicious deaths on a college wrestling team (this must've been a hard one for Eddie McClintock to sit out, since he actually was a wrestler). The girls and boys get separated as Claudia and Myka are off to view some wet young man flesh in a college locker room, and Artie and Pete get some special attention from a couple of lady doctors. Oh, by the way, spontaneous human combustion is in this story too.

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