Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Living Dead" Review Season 3, Episode 17

After a bit of an off week, Chuck quickly bounced back with a very strong episode that helped push forward some big events going into the season finale. Oh yes, that's right - we can now safely say season finale, because Chuck has officially been renewed for Season 4! Great news indeed!

Steve Bartowski was back this week, and I once again was impressed by Scott Bakula's very entertaining performance as a guy who loves his kids and is obviously brilliant, but also not all there. Bakula adds just the right stammering, twitchy mannerisms to Steve, without taking it too far. And Steve was given a lot of memorable moments, including when he threw a knife at Chuck to prove Chuck was lying to him. I loved Chuck asking, "What if you were wrong?" and Steve strongly replying, "I'm never wrong!" I like Steve enough that I'll forgive the semi-deus ex machina that is The Governer รข€“ Steve's invention that can help fix the problems Chuck is having with The Intersect, that we (And Chuck) happen to learn exists just one episode after those problems arise in the first place.

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