Recap Taken: Episode 4

When Owen Crawford is finally ruined by Tom Clarke's revenge efforts, his legacy passes onto his sons Eric and Sam. While Eric is a staunch believer in his father's activities and holds a leadership position on the Project, Sam believes the Alien Visitors are merely a cover story for the government's own illicit activities on the unsuspecting population, and as such, the two brothers find themselves in opposite positions. When Sam finds the Artifact, he learns and accepts the truth, but he believes the opposite of Eric and their father: namely, that the existence of the Alien Visitors should be known by the entire world. Upon reading in a newspaper that symbols found in a newly-discovered Native American mummy tomb match those on the surface of the Artifact, Sam journeys to Alaska to gather additional information on the Aliens. While there, he encounters an Alien-human hybrid named Lester, who has been living in seclusion in a shack. In the shack is a young girl, Wendy, who disappeared from her mother's sight and became injured, Lester having cared for her since. The townspeople eventually go after Lester, but not before Sam brings Wendy safely out of Lester's shack into her mother's arms. One of the townspeople sets the shack on fire and Sam, wanting to save Lester's life, tries to convince Lester to come with him. In the process, Sam accidentally uncovers Lester's face and after looking into his eyes becomes frozen in fear; both burn to death within the shack. Meanwhile, Jesse Keys, now a Vietnam veteran, returns home addicted to heroin and is haunted by his Alien Visitor-manipulated past and his military career. He eventually finds peace with the nurse Amelia, who helps him get over his addiction. This episode marks the deaths of Owen and Sam Crawford, and the birth of Mary Crawford.

Source: Wikipedia

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