Recap Taken: Episode 5

Eric Crawford manipulates and blackmails his way into the head office of the Project; he continues investigations into the Alien Visitors' activities on Earth. Eric continues his pursuit of Jacob Clarke and Jesse Keys, hoping for answers about the Aliens, and enlists the aid of eccentric scientist Dr. Chet Wakeman; he also seduces Becky Clarke. Meanwhile, Jesse realizes the Alien Visitors are still taking him, and he seeks aid in finding a way to escape their manipulation before they come for his son Charlie. His efforts not only prove futile, but also attract the attention of the Project, and his efforts to defend his son from the Aliens leads them to drive him completely insane. Charlie and Amelia are forced to hide from the Project and leave him behind. This episode marks the death of Sally Clarke, the last of the major first generation characters.

Source: Wikipedia

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