Recap Taken: Episode 6

Over the next sixteen years, Charlie Keys (Adam Kaufman) and Lisa Clarke (Emily Bergl), the latest generation of their respective families, become increasingly important in the Aliens' plans. They soon attract the attention of the Project, which is resurrected when the government realizes the Aliens are a true danger. The Alien Visitors bring Charlie and Lisa together by abducting them. Manipulated by the Alien's telepathic powers, Charlie and Lisa have sex and Lisa becomes pregnant. The two are then returned to Earth with no memory of the encounter; and both are finally left free of the Alien's manipulation as their part in the alien's experimentation is over. Lisa gives birth to her daughter Allison, or "Allie" (Dakota Fanning). The Aliens shift their attention towards overseeing the child's development, which in turn draws the Project's attention. This episode marks the deaths of Jacob Clarke and Jesse Keys, and the birth of Allie Keys.

Source: Wikipedia

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