Celebrity Apprentice Episode Recap: Week 3

For this week's task, each team must create a four-page advertorial to explain and educate about Norton antivirus products.

Tenacity designates Summer as their project manager, which makes perfect sense after she earned strong marks as a product ambassador for Kodak last week. Rocksolid chooses Michael to head up the task. Aside from the new project managers, a lot of this episode plays like a bad repeat of last week. During the time with the Norton executive, Cyndi keeps side-tracking the discussion with random and idiotic questions, and on the guys' team, Bret is also a major distraction.

Both teams' rock stars may be their most creative assets but they both stink at trying to channel that creative energy. During a group meeting, Cyndi complains that she's not chosen to be the spokesperson in the advertorial - Sharon is picked instead - but yet Cyndi seems to always be off task or off topic with suggestions and questions. Bret is acting worse than he did last week when he was so demanding with Sinbad, but luckily Michael knows Bret requires careful supervision and is as patient with him as you can be with this guy without driving yourself a little crazy.

The tensions are only getting started for Tenacity, as Summer fails to give the creative people on her team a slogan or theme for the entire advertorial. Summer and Cyndi continually clash since Summer is controlling and Cyndi has such a naturally dominant personality and manage to push the team off the task fairly frequently. As Sharon says, you can just feel the tension rising with each challenge among the competitive ladies.

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