Will Castle's Explosive Cliff-Hanger Create Sparks for Castle and Beckett?

Castle (Nathan Fillion) watched an explosion destroy Detective Beckett's apartment in last week's Castle cliff-hanger, but could that disaster further kindle the flames between Castle and his crime-fighting muse?

That's assuming, creator and executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe coyly tells TVGuide.com, that Beckett (Stana Katic) is still alive. Marlowe hints that the conclusion to the two-part event puts Special Agent Jordan Shaw (guest star Dana Delany) in her own share of trouble.

"Everyone has to redouble their efforts in order to make sure everyone stays alive," Marlowe says. "The case certainly does take a turn, and there are complications. Jordan Shaw is in the thick of it and by virtue of redoubling her effort to go after the serial killer, she becomes a target herself."

As for Beckett - duh, yes, she survives - her homelessness arrives at the exact time that Castle's mother (Susan Sullivan) moves out. So, for now, she ends up at Castle's apartment - strictly out of necessity.

"When you've gone through a harrowing experience, you generally have a little more trust in the people close to you, the ones who've had your back," Marlowe says. "That being said, I don't think it's ultimately going to change the nature of the Beckett-Castle relationship."

Besides, Marlowe says, that relationship has already seen plenty of growth this season. "We're very cognizant that the Beckett-Castle relationship is really the bread and butter of the show," Marlowe says. "We've accessed Beckett through Castle, and at the beginning of the relationship, Beckett was very cautious. Over the last season and a half, we've watched Beckett slowly let down her guard. She's opened up more to him, which means she's opened up more to the audience. I think that it's safe to say that we will continue see the various facets of her life as we go forward."

Beckett will even begin looking at her home life after living with Castle and observing Shaw, who is still able to have a family despite being the type of driven cop that Beckett is.

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