Damages: "Don't Throw That At The Chicken" Review Season 3, Episode 4

Often times, on Damages, the intent to do harm in the name of self-preservation and greed is strangely even more awful than straight-out murder. The desperation that drives seemingly decent men and women to commit murder is fascinating to watch, and it's actually made all the more poignant when the act itself gets interrupted. Just like last week when Joe Tobin (Campbell Scott) was ready to send Danielle Marchetti (Madchen Amick) off to die from brain trauma on a Trans-Atlantic flight, we got to see exactly how low Joe would sink to reclaim his family's hidden fortune. This week, in a riveting episode, it was Joe's father Louis who had to decide whether or not to pull the trigger...on his own son!

And essentially, he did choose to pull the trigger. The decision was actually made to kill Joe if Leonard's (Martin Short) spies turned up proof that Joe was hitting the bottle again - even if that kill should be on a public New York sidewalk, which it almost was. Of course, we all suspected something sinister, but the only words, or directives, that were given were along the lines of "you know what to do." The whole operation greatly calls into question Leonard's loyalties in all this whole Tobin ordeal. We assume that he's after a piece of the missing billions as well, but we now for a fact that takes his orders from Louis and that all of his "heart to heart" chats with Joe were just detached window dressing. Leonard was willing to be a party to Joe's murder - which made the scene where he gets curiously caught up in his own TV image in the front window of an electronics bizarrely wonderful. Leonard is almost an android, finding the behaviors and emotions of the Tobins to be hazardous and illogical. It totally fits now with how he reacted to Patty catching him in a big lie last week. How he almost shut down and resorted to staring and blinking.

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