Recap: "I'm Done With You"

After the debacle at The Dime that ended with Heidi going home to Colorado, Stephanie went to check in with Spencer on the situation. "Did you leave the train out front that matches that hat?" he says to his sis. OK, that was the first time Spencer and I were actually thinking the same thing. Steph tells him about Heidi "hanging" out with her ex Colby at home, and Spencer decides he's going to start going out with other people as well.

It was nice to see a little Kelly Cutrone, as I cherish her words of wisdom. People's Revolution is looking for Whitney's replacement, and after Lauren has a conversation with Stephanie, she gets her an interview there. When Stephanie meets with Kelly, she's a nervous wreck. Stephanie talks about her end goal, and Kelly calls her out for wanting to use her experience, clients and connections to ultimately leave the company to start her own line. Strike one. Then, Kelly asks if she knows how to do simple tasks like creating labels, which only leaves Stephanie confused. "Is it stickies?" she asks. Strike two. Kelly begins to speak French. Stephanie has no clue what she's saying and blurts out, "I'm terrified." So just when it's safe to say she didn't score the job, Kelly tells Lauren that "her interview was such a folly she could be genius." But if it doesn't work, out Lauren is going to have to be the one to fire her. I can't wait until Stephanie starts and gets ripped a new one.

Spencer comes home to Heidi. (By the way, does she ever not use a curling iron?) Heidi tells Spencer she talked to her mom about everything, and Spencer says, "I'm dating miss hypocrite." After talking about Colby and Stacie, I have to wonder why no one ever gets mad at Stephanie for being such an instigator. The conversation doesn't end well, especially when Heidi asks if Spencer saw Stacie while she was gone. He clearly lies and says no.

That night, Spencer goes out with Charlie, and they're "ready to get crazy tonight." The plan is to meet Stacie at a club, but honestly I can't even comprehend what Spencer's "homie" is saying in the car. They get to Katsuya (cue my dreams of their crispy rice) where they party with Stacie and some other girls. On the other side of town, Stephanie and Heidi are chatting about Spencer's new desire to go out, and Stephanie suggests they go find him. They ever-so-quickly narrow the clubs down to the exact one he happens to be at. Heidi walks in and starts screaming at Spencer, and then Stephanie gets in an awesome brawl with Stacie. "You're a home wrecker. Do you even own pants?" she says. "You look like a dog, you're wearing fur." Stacie responds.

Heidi tells Spencer she wants nothing to do with him and storms out. The next day the two meet for lunch, where Heidi tells Spencer that he either gets his s--t together and goes to a therapist or gets out of her life.

Are you over Speidi's never-ending saga?

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