Chuck: "Chuck Versus The Three Words" Review Season 3, Episode 2

At last, Chuck brings back a previously introduced character! We've had a lot of great single-episode characters on this show, both heroes and villains, but for some reason, just about none of them ever return unless they are deeply rooted in the show's mythology, like Bryce or Jill.

When I reviewed the fourth episode ever of Chuck, "Chuck Versus the Wookie," I discussed the character Carina (Mini Anden) and said she, "could be a nice recurring character on the series." Lo and behold, it only took twenty seven months, but she finally returned!

Yes, the beautiful, stone cold spy was back, bringing Chuck and company into her quest to bring down an arms dealer (Vinnie Jones) who she had lured into falling in love with her and was now engaged to. In her previous appearance, Carina's blunt nature allowed Chuck to learn a crucial piece of information that Sarah and Bryce had once been involved. Once again, Carina was a truth teller here, letting Chuck know, flat out, that Sarah loved him.

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