'Survivor: Samoa': Brett is a threat? Who's Brett? Episode 13

The other night on "Survivor: Samoa," the Russell contingent gets a scare...


Russell spins a tale to Shambo about John wanting to get rid of her, but Russell -- being soooo concerned for her breaking her word to John -- didn't tell her and let her vote for Dave. Shambo totally laps it up. Wow.


Jaison, Monica and Brett are pow-wowing about Russell getting all these votes because everyone knows he's playing a good game. Jaison tries to talk to them about how he's been controlling the game too, he's not just a puppet. He then spills the beans about Russell being rich in real life. Oh, Jaison. You moron.You think if you help Galu get Russell out they won't flip on you the first chance they get? Stick with Mick, Russell and Natalie 'til the Final Four, THEN get Russell out. Dumbass.

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