'Tyra Show': Tyra Banks and her Holiday Hunks

Tyra Banks is holding a giveaway on "The Tyra Show" for her studio audience full of deserving moms -- and apparently needs some shirtless men to help her out.

We think it's great that Tyra Banks wants to give an audience full of moms a bunch of holiday gifts. However, let's talk about her hunky photo promoting the event.

It seems that Tyra has elicited the help of some taxi drivers, carriage drivers and... we'll get to those other two in a second. The taxi driver on the left appears to have just started shaving yesterday, while the one on the right... so that's what Tyson Beckford is up to these days!

The carriage drivers look incredibly silly. They're wearing, like, bolero jackets. More than anyone else, they look like they forgot to put shirts on.

Finally, there's the two at the bottom. Are they newsies? Shirtless newsies? Open the gates and seize the day, indeed. Or perhaps Tiny Tims? Shirtless Tiny Tims? God bless chests, every one. Except the guy on the left is not exactly what we would describe as a "hunk." Sorry, newsie on the left.

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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