Preview of Episode 1.3 "First Night"

On the last episode of Kings, it looked like things were finally moving forward when the Gath people went to Shiloh to sign a peace treaty after a long and apparently bloody war. Gath's king and his general, however, probably didn't like the terms and decided to up and go home. There was also the matter of the Gilboa gold treasury running dry because of a certain brother-in-law who wasn't happy with the war ending. We also realized that Queen Rose (Susanna Thompson) wasn't as allergic to politics as she led us to believe. Elsewhere, King Silas (Ian McShane) was starting to observe David (Christopher Egan) with keen interest, and by interest I mean ordered to be killed once the treaty was signed.

Tonight on Kings, there'll be tension when the king leaves Queen Rose's first royal ballet event just so he can tend to his illegitimate child, who has recently fallen sick. Meanwhile, Jack (Sebastian Stan) and Rose try to tarnish David's heroic image by a supposed night out of town to make him look lustful in front of everyone.

The second episode of Kings, which is NBC's modern retelling of the biblical tale of David, Goliath, and King Saul, dipped in terms of ratings to 4.6 million, prompting its early fan base to fear that the network might pull it off the air faster than you can say crazy monarch. The good news is that NBC has already ordered 13 episodes and it is almost certain that the network will air them. That being said, some observers already predict an early cancellation of Kings if the ratings don't improve. It is sad, however, since Kings is clearly an ambitious project.

Catch Kings tonight 8pm on NBC.

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