Recap The Secret Life of The American Teenager: Season 2, Episode 20 - Mistakes Were Made

When we see Ricky and Adrian again, they're in the hallway after school, and neither one's happy. When Ricky confronts her about why she hasn't returned his "I love you" text or called him all weekend, she tells him she had sex with Ben in his car, to get back at Ricky for having sex with Amy. But Ricky tells her that he didn'r have sex with Amy: They just kissed. And it was harmless! It was practice! She walks away anyway.

But wait -- Ben had sex with Adrian?!? Ricky's so crushed he can't even drag himself into work. Just as well, since Ben's visibly sad (and scared) that afternoon at the butcher shop. He's terrified that he and Ricky won't be friends anymore. And that Ricky will "pummel" him.

Soon, Amy hears about Adrian and Ben from -- who else? -- Madison and Lauren. And no matter what she says about how she's over Ben, Amy's devastated by the news.

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