Recap The Secret Life of The American Teenager: Season 2, Episode 21 - Choices

An MIA Ricky is at some old-style hotel in Hollywood, looking for his mom, Nora. The desk clerk recognize him and claims he doesn't know where she is. But as soon as Ricky leaves, he dials her room and tells her Ricky was looking for her.

Everyone else, meanwhile, is out looking for Ricky. Though he finally picks up a phone call from Ashley, even she can't convince him to come back.

As for Adrian... Ruben and Cindy try to get her to admit she made a mistake with Ben, but she's past remorseful and has moved on to vindictive; she's not apologetic at all about what happened with Ben.

Amy, OTOH, seems perfectly happy with Ricky gone. As a matter of fact, she tells George she wouldn't mind being a single mother for a while, and she could care less if Ricky was around. But Anne and Ashley don't exactly believe her. Could it be that she's just sick of getting hurt?

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