Chuck: Preview of Episode 3.11 'Chuck Versus the Final Exam'

Does Chuck have the killer instinct to become a real spy? We'll find out in the episode "Chuck Versus the Final Exam." Tonight, Chuck embarks on mission that puts everything he's learned so far to the test, and if all else fails he'll be forced to return to his old life, just like John Casey.

Last week on Chuck, three things were revealed about our favorite colonel, John Casey, and we see the consequences of his haunted past now that he's a regular civilian working at the Buy More. Casey's story served as an eye-opener for Chuck, who now has to make a decision on whether to choose love or love for country. But will Chuck decide in time before Sarah moves to Washington so she could start anew?

Based on the promo clip, it seems that Chuck is about to hit two birds with one stone as he tries to accomplish his solo mission and take his relationship with Sarah to the next level. The only problem is his latest test forces him to kill someone.

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