CBS Praises 'Flashpoint' Plus Enrico Colantoni Teases Upcoming Plot

Flashpoint, the drama that features a team that responds to hostage situation's and gang busts while exploring the criminal's mind to try and save lives, has returned for its second season after debuting with strong Friday-night ratings. And due to the success of the CBS-CTV co-production, CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler is now looking at partnering with other foreign countries on future TV projects.

"Flashpoint has been such a positive experience," Tassler said during the TV Critics Tour. "It's a terrific business model for us."

Filmed in Toronto, Flashpoint premiered simultaneously on CBS and CTV last July and currently rates comparably with CBS' other popular crime dramas, including CSI and NCIS. Leading the series is Enrico Colantoni, who plays Sgt. Gregory Parker of the SRU, which is inspired by Toronto's Emergency Task Force.

There's a heightened adrenal rush and sentimental experience that has little to do with cops and robbers. It has more to do with watching our characters struggle with a particular situation and how that affects them directly, Colantoni, who previously played a private investigator and Kristen Bell's father on Veronica Mars, told us in an interview.

Each week, Flashpoint deals with some extreme storylines and Colantoni hints that fans have a lot to look forward for the rest of the season.

We're going to deal with some revenge situations that actually are specifically related to what happened during the pilot episode of last season. Recently, we've been handling a lot of domestic situations that vary in different locales - like the winter. People freak out over the snow! It just makes them do crazy things, he teased.

As for his Flashpoint character, Colantoni doesn't know much about what's in store for him but does anticipate that something is bound to happen to his love life.

He's so committed to his job, his team and these people. I think it would be difficult to watch him in a social environment because he'd probably fail miserably. So I hope we get to watch him struggle with that and trying to find a semblance of normalcy, he said.

Flashpoint airs every Friday at 9pm on CBS.

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