'True Blood': Sex and violence Season 3, Episode 8

Tonight's "True Blood" featured lots of lovely sex and violence, which means it was like every other episode. Don't worry, this is a good thing.

Although Sookie started screaming the moment she awoke to Bill's face last week, she quickly asks everyone to clear the room so she can talk to him. This time, instead of Bill breaking things off Sookie is the one that puts the brakes on their relationship. It's all very sad, if you're into that whole "lovers who can't be together because of circumstances beyond their control" thing. Which I've heard is a popular theme in literature, or something. Right? Anywho, Hadley delivers Sookie a message that Russell is coming for her, and if they find her they will do horrible things to her. Later, Debbie Pelt shows up at her house to do just that. She and Debbie fight it out and Sookie manages to get her to leave, just in time for Bill to show up and them to make up in the aftermath.

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