So You Think You Can Dance: Ellen DeGeneres and the Not-So-New Pairing

Aha. This is, indeed, becoming a weekly thing, even if it's earlier than when it should be. Oh well. It's bound to be a big week on the So You Think You Can Dance front, with the 100th episode airing this Thursday, and with it all the Emmy-winning routines and Katie Holmes' performance. But more importantly, we have eight dancers remaining, and two are going home, and here I am again, tossing my thoughts in on those pair-ups (brought to us, as always, by the folks at SYTYCDism) and a few other things. Yes, you read that title right. Ready?

First things first: yes, that's Ellen Degeneres' name you're seeing. Already I'm excited at the prospect of her giving her thoughts on this week's performances: she is this week's guest judge, along with Mia Michaels and the ever-so-reliable Nigel and Mary.

Now, to this week's pairings. Yes, there is a not-so-new pairing this week, so I guess I won't say much about Melissa and Ade, because we've already said everything we could say about these two. The hat made it so: they'll be back together this week, doing two routines just like everybody else.

And yes, we have genre spoilers, too. This early, huh? So here's the game plan: I'll give my take on how the new pair-up might fare, in light of each dancer's strengths and the dances they'll be doing on Wednesday night. Suddenly I think I should be writing this on Wednesday morning, but what the heck, let's get on with it.

Janette and Evan: Jazz (Sonya Tayeh) and rumba (Tony Meredith/Melanie LaPatin)

It's another one of those magical pair-ups: Janette and Evan have been pretty much doing well the past weeks. I have a feeling Evan will shine this week on the basis of these routines, what with his sprightly demeanor that I really love, but she's well-equipped to keep up. Now, for the case of actually shining...

Jeanine and Brandon: Pop jazz (Laurie Ann Gibson) and waltz (Hunter Johnson)

At least I finally understand what makes Brandon one of the stronger dancers this year. And yet I still haven't warmed up to him. But with another strong dancer in Jeanine, this is set to be one of the better pair-ups this year--unless someone stumbles. I should add that their pop jazz bit is possibly to a Lady Gaga song--just what Laurie Ann will do. She did choreography for her recent music videos, by the way.

Kayla and Jason: Broadway (Tyce Diorio) and hip-hop (Shane Sparks)

I'm a little worried. Yes, I publicly stated that Jason finally stepped up with last week's routine, but I also publicly stated that he's got to do so much more. Kayla's a good dancer, we all know that, but we also know she isn't exactly the go-to person for personality. And we've got some idea of who Jason is, perhaps because of the puppy look, or his frequent tossing of his shirts. And hip-hop?

Melissa and Ade: Contemporary (Tyce Diorio) and cha-cha (Tony Meredith/Melanie LaPatin)

I'm keeping my vow by just giving a one-liner on these two: these guys are lucky.

Again, the disclaimer: the choreography can break them, and I'm bound to get this wrong along the way. But I'm in a slightly celebratory mood. Heck, it's been a hundred episodes (and never mind if I'm new to this), and we get to see all those good routines again, and there's Ellen. Ellen! She better dance her way to the judges' table on Wednesday night like she always does on her talk show. She better do.

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