'Terriers' stars Donal Logue, Michael Raymond-James discuss their bromance

FX's new series "Terriers" throws a lot of elements into its genre stew: It's a private-eye show, the story of an alcoholic trying to get his life back, at times a comedy.

At its core, though, the show is a love story between two guys. Donal Logue ("Life," "Zodiac") and Michael Raymond-James ("True Blood") play a pair of small-time, unlicensed private investigators in Ocean Beach, Calif. (near San Diego), and their friendship -- both on- and off-screen -- is what grounds the show. The two actors met when Raymond-James guested on an episode of "Life" and became close -- so much so that they shared a house in San Diego while filming "Terriers."

"[Their relationship] is the only connective tissue that keeps them both afloat," Logue tells Zap2it about the two main characters. "Other things in their lives fall apart, but when push comes to shove they have each other, even though they push each other away at different times. They can't survive without each other."

In separate interviews last month, Logue and Raymond-James talked with us about how their real-life relationship carried over into work, about their characters (Logue plays Hank Dolworth, an ex-cop fired because of his drinking, while Raymond-James plays Britt Pollack, a good-natured and mostly reformed thief) and about where the show, created by "Ocean's Eleven" writer Ted Griffin and executive produced by "The Shield's" Shawn Ryan, goes over the course of the season.

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