FLASHPOINT ''Follow The Leader'' Review Season 3, Episode 12

Don't you just love white supremacy plot lines? Season three, episode 12 of FLASHPOINT, Follow the Leader followed two brothers who found their way into a white supremacy group. This group decides to get rid of immigrants by blowing them up.

Two of these followers are brothers, Trent (the aggressive guy) and Danny (reluctant follow, loyal brother). Despite its plot, this episode was less about race and more about parental angst; Trent and Danny's father committed suicide when he was replaced at work by immigrants who work for less money. But Danny isn't really racist; look (pointing) he has a black girlfriend! That totally gets him off the hook.

Danny still joins Trent's white supremacy posse to keep an eye on him. When he learns this supremacy group intends to blow up a whole lotta immigrants including Jewish joints and Chinese neighbourhoods, Danny anonymously tips off the SRU.

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