EUREKA ''Momstrosity'' Review Season 4, Episode 6

The main storyline in this week’s action packed episode of EUREKA, “Momstrosity”, involves the different Artificial Intelligence systems in Eureka suddenly developing glitches. S.A.R.A.H., the AI for Carter’s house, decided to usurp some programming from a little robot called EMO to help get Deputy Andy (the android) to have feelings for her. EMO is used to show high school students in Eureka how to be a parent, instead of the more traditional egg or sack of flour. The new software code infects AIs at Global Dynamics human emotions, with less than optimal results, leading to some near misses at the GD labs and around Eureka.

While the AI crisis is hitting Eureka, Carter, Kevin, Dr. Grant, and Fargo are in the midst of a camping trip and not everyone is getting along. Fargo is upset that Carter and Grant don’t want to use the advanced camping technology he brought along. Kevin is upset that Carter is trying to lecture him and that he didn’t tell him about his feelings for Allison. Carter and Grant hate each other for liking Allison. This all ends with Kevin running away with EMO, Carter and Grant calling a truce to find him, and Fargo being trapped by his tent’s AI.

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