Human Target Episode 11: "Victoria" Review

In this week's installment we're treated to a little fun with the royals, proving that the Human Target writers still have a bunch of ideas for new clients and situations in their heads. A touching little tale of love drives this episode, and although it's not a bad story, I still didn't find myself falling in love with this week's show.

The story is split into three parts: Chance and Victoria trying to escape, Guerrero and Winston trying to save Victoria's boytoy, and the gang of baddies trying to kill them all. The plot here is also a little bit more involved than usual Human Target stories. Part of the appeal for many fans was the simplicity of the themes in the early episodes: lay out the situation, point Chance at the bad guys, and let the chips fall where they may. I myself like a bit more intrigue in my plots, so I'm glad to see the series insert a lot of different elements into the episode. Here, we have the loyal martyr Gerard giving his life for Victoria, a violent rogue who makes amends for past actions and helps harbor Victoria, a love story that ties it all together, and a host of baddies with a warped sense of loyalty to duty and crown.

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