HAVEN ''Fur'' Review Episode 6

Hunters become the hunted in the Fur episode of HAVEN when animals attack Haven Hunt Club members. The sheriff wants to organize a hunt rather than investigate, and on the hunt, the sheriff is attacked by a moose that Nathan and Audrey shoot, only to find it full of sand and rags, and a stuffed wolf at the club has fresh blood on its tooth. Landon the taxidermist is confused, to say the least, but his mother Piper threatens Audrey and Nathan with a knife, accidentally slicing Landon's arm. Sand pours out of the cut because when Landon almost died in a fire, Piper saved him via taxidermy. We learn that's a family tradition when Piper locks herself in the Hunt Club trophy room so the animals she accidentally charmed with her sewing rags will kill her and lose their ability to wake up. Her autopsy shows she was also stuffed.

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