South Park Season 14, Episode 4: "You Have 0 Friends" Review

Last night, the world's favorite social media site became fodder for one of the the world's best satirical comedy shows. Facebook and South Park collided in a hilarious episode that poked lighthearted fun at social network obsession while simultaneously portraying a Tron parody. It's brilliant from beginning to end, and one of the best episodes the series has served up in a while.

The story wasted no time getting right to the premise and starts with the boys competing with their Facebook friend numbers. Then we learn of the sad plight of little Kip Drordy, a boy with no Facebook friends, and only a sad clown face poster to keep him company. Stan's dad (and indeed the whole town) obsesses a little bit over his Facebook account, reaching an absurd point where a complete stranger spits in his face for not adding him as a friend on FB.

The absurdity continues with Cartman in a spoof of Jim Cramer's Mad Money show in a podcast called Mad Friends. Treating the whole Facebook friend field like a stock market is a clever touch, and Cartman has some really good lines here, including "chick friends are worth almost triple what dude friends are". I also really liked Wendy's overreactions to pretty much every Facebook action as an assault on her relationship with Stan, which is sadly too close to the truth for many couples on the site. The Farmville jokes were good too, but I think the writers could have done a little more to really convey the evils of that time-wasting, wall-cluttering "game".

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