ROOKIE BLUE ''Bullet Proof'' Review Episode 6

Bullet Proof, the sixth episode of Rookie Blue, saw relations between the main characters forming and dissolving. McNally teamed up with her blue-eyed beau to solve a murder case, Nash and Epstein were assigned to the monotonous job of searching vehicles and Gail and Diaz were partnered in what appeared to be a hit and run and turned into a grandpa trying to save his good name from the man who would accuse him of sexual abuse by running him down on his bike route. As you do.

Nash and Epstein's storyline consisted of searching vehicles. It could have been deathly dull, but thanks to Gregory Smith and Enuka Okuma's easy comic charms, they were able to sell speculating whether stain on a blanket originated from coffee or blood. Meanwhile, Epstein believes Gail may harbour a crush on him which has Nash mildly amused, mainly exasperated. Nash and her training officer bond over needles and hormones. The former was enjoyable, the latter made me admire Okuma even more for selling what could have been a total shark jumping moment. Sure, it was still contrived, but my hand did not instinctively reach for a pillow to smother myself like it would with a lesser performance.

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