FlashForward: Series Review

Standford Wedeck, Bryce Varley, Shelly Vreede, Anastasia Markham, President Segovia, and of course my personal favorite, Special Agent Danforth Crowley - The man who was assigned to protect Olivia and popped up in the background of two or three episodes. The man who's particular name just had to be said out loud. For some reason, as I enter into this Season 1/complete series review of FlashForward the first thing that springs to my mind are the cavalcade of ridiculous names. To be clear, ridiculous names for a TV show. Names that don't exactly roll off the tongue with ease. To be fair, most of the names might have come from the Robert J. Sawyer book, which leads me to believe that it's easier to accept a name like Lloyd Simcoe on the printed page than it is to hear it said aloud over and over again. Hell, even the name Benford is kind of mopey. And it's not as if I needed every character to be named Jake Steele (I mean there was a Janis Hawk for crying out loud!) but the name "Agent Benford" is really lifeless. It sounds like a dreary town. Or a dreary butler. Living in a dreary town.

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