Episode Recap: "It's a Terrible

Right off the bat we were treated to an alternate reality where Dean Smith was a corporate go-getter and Sam Wesson (yes, Smith & Wesson, like the handguns), the computer expert, set up shop in a cubicle. In this world the ghost hunting brothers were merely two strangers who worked for the same company. How would Sam and Dean reconnect? Would they rediscover their Winchester (yes, like the rifle) memories? And why in the world did they have to go through this?

While I was watching "It's a Terrible Life," I realized I needed this. Usually I find it jarring to tune into a more comedic episode after getting one that dripped in drama and angst. Don't get me wrong, I always end up loving the humorous follow-up to a dramatic Supernatural, but it usually takes me a bit to get into it. Well, I was ready to laugh. I welcomed Dean abandoning rock music, driving a Toyota Prius and listening to NPR. I relished seeing Sam in his yellow polo shirt and being in on his tech support calls. By the way, I can't tell you how many times I've called up tech support at my day job and they've said the same thing Sam repeated to the computer un-savvy that called him for help: "Did you turn it off then on?" I hate to say it but I could totally relate to everything Sam was going through in the cubicle. It had to suck even more for him because Sam's a big guy. There was no way he was comfortable in that small a space.

As this alternate reality unfolded, Sam and Dean kept running into each other in the elevator as coworkers started dying. Two of Sam's cubicle neighbors killed themselves after growing despondent over mistakes they had made. It turned out they both had recently been called up to HR and came back changed men. I loved how Sam's radar immediately started going off. Dean's did too, but especially when he witnessed one of the "suicides" and saw the ghost for himself. Slowly but surely, Sam and Dean's ghost hunting reality started to butt in on their alternate one. It was really fun to see them trust their instincts once again. It was even more fun to get to see Sam and Dean work so well together. Much has been said about the Winchester brothers' relationship this season. It's been rocky, their vibe has been off and they've been hiding things from each other. It was great to see them actually work off each other. They battled the ghost in synch and more importantly they had each other's backs. It was truly an awesome sight to behold. The spirit of that murdering boss never stood a chance.

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