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Louie 1.10 ''Dentist/Tarese'' Review

Here's something you don't see every day on television: Stephen Root as a dentist who, well, takes certain liberties with an unconscious Louis C.K. At least I hope you don't see that every day.

Stephen Root's turn as a perverse dentist is now one of my favorite of his roles. His creepiness is so genuine that it provided the scene with such a tremendous sense of discomfort that rivals some of Curb Your Enthusiasm's most awkward scenes. This dentist specializes in making those afraid of the dentist a little more comfortable. The only problem is that he gets a little too comfortable with his patients.

While Louie is under, he has a dream of stumbling upon Osama Bin Laden in the desert and convincing him to not be a terrorist simply by calling him an asshole. If only real life was so simple, right?

The second vignette of Dentist/Tarese is about how Louie is terrible with women. This is a common theme on Louie, but this time it's with younger black women so Louie is twice the chance of saying the wrong thing.

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