Gossip Girl: Desperately Seeking a Supremely Naive Serena...

Nothing makes me happier than when a show about high school addresses things that actually happen in high school. So, I was thrilled that tonight's Gossip Girl addressed the pressure of studying for the SATs. Naturally, like everything else on the Upper East Side, studying for SATs can never just be studying for SATs, so Blair uses this opportunity to steal away Jenny's new clique for an 'upperclassmen only' session of female pampering and beautification (and studying). Speaking of which, I still cannot understand why Jenny is such a big deal among the Constance Billard girls - she's a freshman for crying out loud (and she's poor...)!

Onto bigger and juicier things, the notorious G finally shows her face and convinces S to share a cocktail so they can catch up. Here is where I start getting angry with Serena. Last episode, she appeared to be driven to near tears at the mere sight of Georgina's initial, and now she's sharing drinks with her? Alcohol is your gateway to naughtiness, Serena, so why open up this can of worms? Of course, the result is G getting S drunk, causing S to miss her date with Dan and have Chuck tell Dan an obvious lie on her behalf (and what is with all of this confiding in Chuck? He may not have sent the cocaine, but he's still evil).

The always scheming J decides that her key to social stardom is a hot, rich boyfriend. Conveniently, Jenny encounters a friendly and attractive young man and they have their "meet cute" - he knocks into her and she drops her hot dog. However, though he gives Jenny his number she throws it into the garbage can because ew, he is a dog walker! Or so Jenny thinks...but she later sees him passing off his doggies to the maid and then Jenny's social climbing instincts kick in and she goes on the prowl.

Nate shows up in the coffee shop that Vanessa works at (but never does any work in), offers Dan some used SAT Prep books and sparks with Vanessa. He later meets with her at a restaurant and they continue to flirt, resulting in a goodnight make-out session. I can see already that Nate: Gossip Girl :: Luke: The OC. Too bad there's no analogies on the SAT anymore. My point though is that like we initially hated Luke, also the hot, popular, rich kid who cheated on his girlfriend, Nate too has started his gradual transformation from cheating bastard into a completely endearing character. He even gives Vanessa a pep talk about her future and convinces her to take her SAT (not that you need an appointment or to have payed in advance or anything...).

Blair carries out an elaborate plan to sabotage her rival, Nelly Yuki, who also wants to go to Yale, but has better extracurriculars and better SATS. When Blair learns that Nelly is depressed that her boyfriend dumped her (Nelly: "All I want is to be alone and never listen to Flo Rida again."), Blair tries to exploit this, even getting the ex to play along. However, I don't think getting Nelly depressed about her boyfriend will be enough to make her fail the SATs. Neither does Blair, so she also steals Nelly's calculator batteries!

Serena, however, is in an even bigger pickle. She foolishly agrees to meet up for dinner with Georgina the night before the SATs, sans drinks, though G dumps some clear liquid into S's soda which makes her oversleep and miss her test the next morning. Georgina tells a story about how Serena started pounding drinks and Serena believes everything. Again, I was really annoyed at Serena tonight. How naive can the girl be? She already knew that Georgina was bad news...

Finally, Jenny's Dad does some more of his occasional parenting and forbids her from meeting for lunch with the not poor not dog-walker. He adorably (or creepily) shows up at Jenny's loft with what appears to be 10 pounds of hot dogs and a speech about the importance of parenting. He is far too good for her.

Over on the Dan front, "Sarah" befriends him in the park with some ominous music in the background...



Default avatar cat
Apr 29, 2008 6:08PM EDT

Is Nate really like Luke? People actually hated Luke, but I'd say they were more indifferent towards Nate...

Apr 29, 2008 7:20PM EDT

I agree. Nate is way more likable than Luke ever was. Nate was upfront with the cheating... Luke didn't tell Marissa anything, and he flirted and try to get action from most girls around him. It wasn't until Marissa went to Tijuana and found him with Holly that she found out he was an ass! So yeh, my point is...Nate is actually a decent guy and felt bad for cheating on Blair. He is nothing like Luke at all.

Apr 30, 2008 9:03PM EDT

wth has any of got 2 do wit GG

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