Recap: "Two Weeks"

In "Two Weeks," Michael counts down his last days at Dunder Mifflin while the new regional vice president continues to assert his no-nonsense style on the branch. In the first scene, Michael's regaling the DM staff with his dramatic quitting story - so it looks like The Office writers aren't backing down on their dare. There was no dramatic "come back Michael, we need you" moment from David Wallace - this may actually be the last we see of Michael Scott at Dunder Mifflin.

It's Quittin' Time!

Jim said it best: "Surprisingly there is a very big difference between Michael trying and Michael not trying." That led to vignettes of Michael drinking "scotch and Splenda," tussling with Phyllis' hair, grabbing at Jim's paper with a sticky-thingy and tempting Oscar to drink the aforementioned scotch and Splenda.

The New Copier

Meanwhile, the subplot involved Pam's battle with the new copier. With only an instruction book in hand, she has to figure out how to install the new-fangled machine, vowing not to let it defeat her like "that wireless router." Kevin's no help, as comes along demanding that the copier get installed today, and Dwight isn't either, as he tries to translate the German instructions - especially since, as he claims, his German is "pre-industrial and mostly religious."

The Michael Scott Paper Company

After meeting the regional manager candidate who tells him "It's brutal out there," and after hearing that the best job lead he had - Prince Paper - is out of business after 40 years, Michael has an epiphany: He's going to start his own paper company.

Michael immediately tries to recruit key members of the staff. As Jim, Andy and Dwight turn down his offers, his recruitment strategy becomes increasingly unorthodox, eventually leading him to put a note in Oscar's sandwich and to propose the job offer while poor Stanley is relieving himself.

The jig is finally up when Charles finds the "Michael Scott Paper Company" order form and promptly gets security to escort Michael off the premises.

Toby's only screen time summed up Michael perfectly: "Michael's like a movie on a plane. You know it's not great but it's something to watch. Then when it's over, it's like: how much time is left on this flight? Now what?"

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Apr 10, 2009 12:23AM EDT

man i hate the new guy charles

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