The Biggest Loser Season 8, Episode 2: Week 2 - Recap

Week 2 of The Biggest Loser is notorious on the ranch for being daunting and disappointing. Huge weight-loss is seen after the first week, but often the second brings much less reason to celebrate. This season, the stakes are raised and an incentive is provided to motivate the contestants to really kick Week 2 in the butt. Would they be successful? Keep reading to find out.

With Alexandra gone, the heat is on Julio, who many feel deserved to go home instead. Realizing how hard it will be to see a player leave each week, the Biggest Losers are relieved when Alison presents them with a proposition: If the combined weight-loss at the next weigh-in is at least 150 pounds, then no one goes home. The catch? Iif they don't reach that number, two players will leave. The trainers are soon told what the new deal is, and they are far from confident. "That is a tall order to bill in Week 2," Bob says. So, he and Jillian decide their plan of attack: Bob leads the workouts and Jillian leads the nutrition lectures.

Coach Mo visits his partner, Tracy, who's still in the hospital. We're treated to some dramatic flashbacks from when she passed out, and as he walks into her room, she screams with excitement. Tracy is finally able to return to the ranch, but she's nervous now that her workouts are limited.

"World-class" chef Curtis Stone drops by to teach the contestants how to cook healthy food. A yummy chef making yummy food - what more could a girl ask for? Of course, everything that Curtis shows them comes back into play when Ali delivers their first quiz. They need to get five out of eight questions right in order to be rewarded with a 15-pound advantage at this week's weigh-in. It's nice to see a week where everyone gets to compete together for a common goal, rather than against each other. After all the questions are completed, there are six correct answers. So the contestants get the prize.

Next up is the challenge. Either it looks harder than it was, or these people work great as a team because they are able to successfully make it across all four beams and onto each of the four rafts. If any person had fallen into the water below, it would have been over for everyone. Instead, they win another 20 pounds off their weigh-in, and the always coveted phone call from home.

Here's how the weigh-in breaks down:

Pink Team: Amanda and Rebecca lose 4 and 6 pounds

Purple Team: Tracy and Mo lose 10 and 9 pounds

Red Team: Antoine and Sean lose 8 and 11 pounds

Green Team: Allen and Abby lose 10 and 11 pounds

Brown Team: Liz and Danny lose 10 and 12 pounds

Blue Team: Rudy and Dina lose 14 and 8 pounds

Black Team: Julio loses 13 pounds

Orange Team: Daniel and Shay lose 7 and 16 pounds

The team loses a collective total of 155 pounds, reaching their goal. So, no one is going home. A happy week for all on the ranch.

Did you like watching the players work together or would you rather some competition?

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