FlashForward Episode 15 Recap: "Let No Man Put Asunder"

After Janis' big reveal at the end of last week's episode (you know, where she, like, told Simon that she is a mole), this episode of FlashForward shows her first day at the bureau two years before the blackout. Considering she's with the late Agent Gough, Marcie and the (maybe) soon-to-be-dead Demetri, this is a very unlucky graduating class, no?

Cut back to present day and the agency's interrogation of Marcie. In the tapes, they clearly mark the date as March 12, which means its only three days before Demetri's supposed death. Marcie and Janis exchange glances, but it's still hard to tell if Marcie knows about Janis' double life. As a mole, Marcie says she would package all the info the Mosaic investigation found every week and leave it at a dead drop. She says she first became a mole after being approached by a man who asked if she wanted to be apart of something big three months before the blackout.

Marcie also explains that she saw she was incarcerated in her flash-forward. Besides the ugly orange jumpsuit, Marcie tells her lawyer (who looks a little like Zoe) that until she tells the agency who recruited her, she's indispensable.

Also at the bureau, Mark and Demetri learn that Mark's gun, which disappeared a few weeks back, was used the night before.

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