Fringe Season 2, Episode 7: "Of Human Action" - Review

Well, this was another standalone episode. But it was a high-intensity, action-filled tale that kept the adrenaline flowing. Fringe is usually more of a cerebral show, but there's nothing wrong with appealing to our love of action every now and then.

This story starts with a high speed car chase and a tense hostage situation, which turns into an amazing mind control scene. The scene sets the tone for what turns out to be an intense, exciting episode with more action than most Fringe stories, and it's a refreshing change of pace.

The investigation driving this installment leads to the Massive Dynamic offices again. It's been a while since we've spent some time in their corporate headquarters, and it's the first time that Walter has been there. His impression of the place and its 73 laboratories is funny, but there's also a small scene with some some quiet reflection about the relationship between Walter and William Bell. There are actually a number of nice Walter moments in this one: his hypothesis on what human brains would taste like, his theory on if the FBI would ever give him a gun, his touching hopelessness when Peter is kidnapped. It's all great stuff, but Walter wearing a tinfoil hat takes the cake by far.

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