Supernatural Season 5, Episode 18: "Point of No Return" Review

Supernatural's 100th episode does not disappoint. The stakes have never been higher for the Winchester brothers and their friends as they search for a way, any way, to stop the Apocalypse. Dean is beyond the end of his rope by now and seems to think that the only choice he has left is to let Michael take over.

"Point of No Return" has so many high points that to list them all would likely turn into a summary of every scene. The emotional fallout from Dean's decision runs deep with Sam, as well as Bobby and Castiel. There is much anger and recrimination between these characters and the depth of the emotion has been earned over the last five seasons. Dean and Sam may have fought before, they may have chosen to go their separate ways, but Dean telling Sam that the reason he must say yes to Michael is because he is sure Sam will be too weak to resist Lucifer ranks right up there as one of the most difficult moments the brothers have had.

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