Chuck: New Intersect Means More Chances for Chuck and Sarah

For the first two seasons of Chuck, Chuck Bartowski has been trying to get the Intersect out in hopes of going back to his normal life. And a big part of that reason, aside from the obvious dangers of the espionage world, is his desire to be with Sarah as a regular guy. This season, however, he's taking a different approach now that he's gotten the Intersect upgrade which allows him to gain new abilities.

"Now in this season he's realizing maybe it's the other way -- maybe if I go full-tilt boogie and really become a true, honest-to-god bona fide spy, then maybe we can be together. ... So he digs it, but it does make it more difficult," Zachary Levi, who plays Chuck, told us.

Meanwhile, Sarah-Chuck fans will have to accept the fact there's a new vixen in town in the form of Kristin Kreuk's Hannah. The Smallville alum will serve as a love interest for Chuck this season, and according to the folks at, "Kreuk positively twinkles when she hits the screen and starts making banter with Mr. Bartowski." That means, expect great chemistry between these two!

Are you looking forward to the Hannah-Chuck pairing? Or are you a solid Chuck-Sarah fan? For now, I'll leave you with a sneak peek at the first episode of Chuck season 3. Enjoy!

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Jan 7, 2010 1:32PM EST

I'm a solid Sarah-Chuck fan. Have been since season 1, at the end of the first episode. Plus I'm not fond of the actress playing Hannah. But, we'll see.
Although, we know it's inevitable that Chuck and Sarah are going to be together at some point :D

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