'Chuck Versus the Subway' Season 3, Episode 18 Recap

OK, in the words of Devon Woodcomb, this penultimate episode of the season was awesome. There were a few hiccups, a few instances of unbelievability even for Chuck's world, but overall, it was tremendously enjoyable. I only wished I watched these episodes before I wrote my list, so I would have known how prophetic it was.

Chuck himself remained consistent in his character in being the nicest guy in the room and letting women and family (particularly women that are family) walk all over him. It was nice to see Scott Bakula back for these final episodes. I had originally only expected him to appear in the previous one. Life is full of nice surprises. Of course, the episode had enough references to Hugo Panzer for me to hope that Stone Cold Steve Austin would also put in an appearance, but that didn't happen. Darn it.

Shaw is perhaps the most realistic villain Chuck ever faced. He didn't act like the traditional enemy and used a lot of personal references with the team that made him dangerous, such as calling Sarah by her true name of Sam. I also liked his halfhearted "moo ha ha." Granted, the whole "cellular regeneration" thing was a little lame (why not have him wearing a Kevlar vest with blood packets?), but it fit the overall silly fun of the show.

I'm glad they re-involved Casey's daughter in his life. It makes him more well-rounded. I'm also glad he had all that money left over even after he bought that boat that Chuck blew up in the first season.

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