'Chuck Versus The Ring: Part 2' Recap (Season Finale) Season 3, Episode 19

It's difficult to talk about it without using heavy spoilers. The Subway restaurant chain has been so good to this show, I'm surprised they didn't turn an entire episode into a 42-minute commercial like Stride Gum did on 'Smallville.' Still, Subway earned that extended promotion from Big Mike.

There were nice little callbacks sprinkled throughout the episode and little Easter Eggs as well. For instance, Ted Roark's name as well as several previous villains appeared on the cabinets in the former Bartowski residence. Also, young Chuck was wearing a Superman t-shirt and then fighting Superman to the death in a later scene.

Dear NBC: Please, please, please put the Jeffster! video online somewhere. Maybe even let people download the MP3. Thank you.

The biggest reveal of this episode is that Chuck has been the host of the Intersect since he was a little kid. Granted, it probably was an early and not very useful version of the Intersect, but it's still surprising that he hasn't been flashing since childhood. With Daddy Bartowski gone, what happens if/when the Governor malfunctions or breaks? I guess we'll find out next season.

The Buy More blew up. That was Point Two on my list. Overall, I got four out of five without even seeing these episodes. Not bad.

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