'Two and a Half Men' - 'This Is Not Gonna End Well' Recap (Season Finale) Season 7, Episode 22

A year of Charlie's love for Chelsea has left him pretty much unraveled and more aimless than ever, so the season finale might have been a good opportunity to figured things out for Charlie. Alas, that wasn't the case. And if Charlie Sheen had not re-signed with the show, this episode could have been the end of the series.

If that had been the case, fans everywhere would be up in arms. Fortunately, Sheen is coming back and so is 'Two and a Half Men.'

That said, tonight was just the latest turn in Charlie Harper's hapless life. More on that and Jake's cure for swamp ass after the jump.

You know who was really missing from these last few episodes of 'Two and a Half Men?' Jane Lynch. That's right; the same Jane Lynch that's on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and tearing up the screen on Fox's 'Glee' has been playing Charlie's therapist, Dr. Linda Freedman, since 2004. She had a no-nonsense way of telling Charlie to straighten up and fly right. She wasn't there to talk to Charlie since his break up from Chelsea, even though that's what he's been needing.

Last week, with Berta's help and some medical marijuana, Charlie was confronted by the women in his past. At the very end, Rose appeared but unlike the others, she was real. I was really hoping that Rose would be part of the season finale. No such luck. Instead, we had Charlie sliding back into his Chelsea malaise. To me, the Charlie-Chelsea thing has just never been a winner. More of a whiner. And Charlie drinking to excess and mooning over why she left him doesn't add up to hilarity.

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