'House' Season 6 Spoilers

With the release of the amazing House season 6 trailers, the internet is abuzz with how highly anticipated this return is. Last we left off, House (Hugh Laurie) hauled himself off to a mental facility to recuperate and perhaps put a handle on all the hallucinations that just punished him toward the end of last season, including the very disappointing Huddy sex fake-out.

En route to its September 21 kick-off, there are fortunately enough spoilers to go around. Read on for some House season 6 spoilers. Needless to say, though, if you want to be caught off-guard during the premiere, stop reading here and do something else.

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Right off the bat, the two-hour House premiere will feature House and his asylum mates going on a field trip to an amusement park, with scenes shot on location at Universal Studios. Early on, we know that Tony-winning actor Lin-Manuel Miranda was cast as his asylum roommate for at least two episodes, while James Earl Jones of Luke, I am your father fame will play - get this - an African dictator who becomes a patient back at Princeton-Plainsboro.

Also on the House season 6 spoilers agenda, Robert Sean Leonard has revealed that Wilson's love life just might go a-kicking this season, with his character's romantic prospects "all but nonexistent."

With House being a patient himself, though, what happens to the PP team? Omar Epps said that while his character Foreman is stepping to the plate by virtue of "natural progression," House would still be in charge of his team. His absence, however, will be heavily felt, with everyone "second-guessing themselves."

The season opener will reportedly cover two to three months throughout House's rehabilitation, but House executive producers Katie Jacobs cautioned that "it's not a full-on rehabilitation" because of "a hole in his heart." David Shore, for his part, revealed that the whole season will not take place in the mental institution.

Finally on the House season 6 spoilers list, Lisa Edelstein said she "loved" the way the House showrunners handled the whole sex thing precisely because they haven't done it yet. In essence, she said, the anticipation is still there. "It means they can still have sex," she summed up.

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