'The Simpsons' - 'Judge Me Tender' Recap (Season Finale) Season 21, Episode 23

On The Simpsons' season finale. Moe's cruel streak makes him a natural for judging competitions of all kinds and before you know it, he's the next Simon Cowell.

But hey, were you even watching Fox tonight? In the spirit of all things 'Lost,' we must tell you that Bart Simpson has revealed, via chalkboard message, the big series-ending twist: "End of 'Lost'. It was all the dog's dream. Watch us." (And before you comment angrily, no, that is not a real spoiler.)

Moe ending up as the fifth 'American Idol' judge is a solid premise that starts off well but fizzles before the closing credits.

Or, to quote the Simpsons' eerily accurate take on Randy Jackson (who appears here as himself, as do all the 'Idol' judges); "Dawg, I was feelin' it, but then it got a little pitchy." That's actually doing their take on Randy a disservice, since I left out that the song he is critiquing is 'Happy Birthday' and he finishes by saying that the "to you" was "da bomb!"

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