High School Musical: Haters Shouldn't Hate Vanessa Hudgens, Just 'Bandslam' Her

Haters have such a tough job whining about the celebrities they love to hate, but all this animosity has got to stop some time, right? While we don't really have any power towards that, Vanessa Hudgens' pals are trying their best.

Co-stars of the High School Musical actress have come to her defense, ever since another nude photo scandal of hers erupted. Everyone's been on the case of the 20-year-old star, so some of her friends thought it'd be nice to speak up for her.

"It's so totally uncool," her Bandslam co-star Charlie Saxton told E! News. "She's such a sweet person, such a nice girl. She really doesn't deserve all the negativity that she's getting."

Well, she wouldn't be receiving any negativity if she was more responsible for her actions, but that's just me. Anyway, Saxton thought it was great of Hudgens to brave the press and attend the LA premiere of their new movie Bandslam.

"She held her high, was laughing and smiling, being her typical happy self," he went on. "Good for her."

Meanwhile, friend and Disney star Aly Michalka thinks one reason behind the Hudgen Hate is because the girl's attached to Zac Efron. It all comes down to envy.

"I think that it's about people being hard on people just to be hard on them," she explained. "It's hard to avoid that sometimes...I think it really is based on that and I think maybe her being with Zac."

As for Vanessa Hudgens herself, she's too busy with her projects to even care about the haters. Sometimes those who bother to badmouth her just don't get their message through, which makes me wonder if all that bashing is worthwhile.

Anyway, the High School Musical celebrity told New Jersey's The Star Ledger about her journey as an artist and what other transformations she'll have to undergo to succeed.

"I feel I'm growing up as well, and my interests are constantly changing, so it's mostly just going with what feels organic," she said.

"I love acting and playing different characters, so I want to do as many genres as I can and kind of try everything. Whether the next movie will be PG or R, I don't really care."

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