Review: 'Friday Night Lights' - 'Laboring' Season 4, Episode 12

Facing the Lions, Coach Taylor said the word of the week was focus. He was wrong. The word of the week was choice. Everybody seemed to be facing impossible choices.

Bigger than right or wrong, yes or no, play or don't play. In this penultimate episode of 'Friday Night Lights,' the problems were everywhere, but solutions -- unfortunately -- were hard to come by. More on the big game, toothpicks, apologies and Habitat for Humanities after the jump.

The anticipation for the game between the Panthers and the Lions has been building for weeks. Buddy's obsessiveness should have been a tip-off that it was never going to be "just a football game." After the field issues were supposedly settled, nastiness escalated from pranks to destruction and Eric got the fuzzy end of that lollipop.

The Lions will not have home field advantage, but considering they've rarely won a game this season at home or away, does it matter? It will be a miracle if they win. All the pep talks in the world won't heal Luke's bum hip, and how could anyone expect Vince's head to be in the game with the death of Calvin haunting him.

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