'Treme' - 'Smoke My Peace Pipe' Recap Episode 7

Sorry this is a little late, folks, but I -- like many of you, I imagine -- had to catch 'Treme' on the DVR after watching the series finale of 'Lost.' But I managed to get off the proverbial Island and back to New Orleans to savor this new, emotionally charged episode. It's almost Mardi Gras, and our favorite NOLA residents are taking stands, making changes, and facing death.

Although the show opens on a hopeful note for LaDonna and her mother in their season-long quest to find Daymo, by the end of the episode hope is abandoned and Daymo -- the real David Maurice Brooks -- is finally found, dead, in a makeshift morgue made out of rows of air-conditioned trailers. The scene at the trailer-park morgue is one of the highlights of the series. From the moment Toni drives into the lot, LaDonna is tense, anxious and on the verge of breakdown.

Khandi Alexander was a revelation as she stares at all the trailers and realizes just how many dead are unclaimed. I'm relieved there's finally resolution to the Where's Daymo? plot-line, but it's heartbreaking that the worst possible outcome came true. Then again, this is a David Simon series, so it's not exactly a surprise.

It was also sad to see Antoine lose his mentor, Danny, to whom he'd just bestowed the brand-new trombone last episode. I expected Danny to make a recovery and play with Antoine, so I was taken by surprise when he died. The moments in the hospital -- both when Antoine visits a frail Danny and puts the earphones on him, and when he returns to find the empty bed -- were well acted, as always, by Wendell Pierce.

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