TERRIERS ''Manifest Destiny'' Review Episode 5

In this episode the boys are in hotter water than normal. So far they've gotten themselves into some serious crap but this one was pretty bad. I mean when a dead body ends up in your bathtub and you kinda had something to do with him being dead - that's pretty bad, right? They can't just get rid of the body as they'll be arrested as possible suspects, so they decide to make it look like an accident. well, at least another kind of accident. All of this leads them closer and closer to who killed Mickey, especially after the man who apparently ordered the hit is put on their trail. He wants the soil report that Lindus had, as it proves that the Montague is being built on land with cancer causing materials in it. When it gets out that they have the report, the death threats come not only to them, but to everyone in their lives they care about. After that the guys finally decide they only have one choice. They hide the documents with the body, knowing that Hank's old partner will have the guts (not to mention the entire police force) to make the test results public and shut down the Montague building. When all is said and done, the case is closed and the project shut down, but it turns out that the entire report was bogus.

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